Preguntas frecuentes / International Removal

We developed a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions received from our many clients.

International Removal from Uruguay

I am moving overseas. Is that a regular move? Could I have an estimate on costs?

In order to prepare a quote for an international removal service we need to assess each client´s specific needs. For that, a survey at your home (free of charge) is rquired, to estimate the size volume of your move.

Do I have to locate my effects in a specific way for your home survey?

No, our commercial advisor can estimate volume of your belongings just with having a look at your goods the way they are placed in your home.

Can I receive boxes in advance?

We could easily coordinate to send boxes in advance so you can pack those items that are not fragile or do not need professional packing.

How much does it take to get all the paperwork done for transport once I accept your quote?

Once URUVAN receives all the necessary documents from customs authorities we can send them to customs office, where it takes a week approximately to approve the shipment.

Could I leave my goods into storage either in origin or at final destination?

Yes, that is possible. In Uruguay, URUVAN has its own warehouse that comply with ISO 9002 and FAIM quality requirements. We suggest you visit our facilities in person.

Who is responsible for my personal effects once arrived in destination?

We assure that our agent in the destination provides excellent service and is responsible for delivery of your goods. We have a wide network of agents worldwide.

Do I have to contact the removal company after I arrive or will they contact me?

It is most important that you contact our agent as soon as you arrive in your destination to confirm your contact details and coordinate delivery.

Do I have to be present for the delivery of my goods?

We do recommend you to be present or someone on your behalf receives the goods. This is a very important moment in the moving process.

Why is an international insurance necessary? Is it worthy? How do I claim in case of an emergency?

It is definitely worthwhile having international insurance. Its cost is quite reasonable and your effects highly precious. In the event of a claim, you will need to contact URUVAN, who will advice you on how to proceed from the time of the incident till your insurance is cancelled.

Are all cost included in your quote or will I incur in additional costs?

There are usually extra costs at destination payable there, for which URUVAN can give you a prior estimate according to information from our agent.

International Removal to Uruguay

After arriving in Uruguay, is it necessary to have any paperwork done in order to enter our goods?

You will need to contact URUVAN as soon as you arrive in the country so we can start all customs procedures before the goods arrive to avoid additional port or airport costs. You will not have to worry for any additional documentation once you provide URUVAN with all the requested documents.

How long does it take to get the goods delivered?

After the shipment has arrived and having received the requested documents (see documents), it will take 8 working days to deliver the goods.

Where is the container opened?

The container is opened at your home, in your presence, under the supervision of URUVAN´s staff and a customs representative.

At arrival in port, do I have to be there?

No, not at all, our staff will supervise all operations.

Do I pay port costs to you or do I have to go to customs office?

Once the ship has arrived, we will confirm the total port costs for you to pay to URUVAN and we will then cancel them at port and steamship line agencies. Once paid, URUVAN will send you the receipts.

What should I do with spare boxes, plastic bags, etc after unpacking? Do you come to pick them up?

Yes, of course. Our services in your destination country include picking up your spare packing materials once you unpack.

When does the insurance expire? What should I do if I need to claim any item?

Usually your insurance covers up to the goods are being delivered at your home. If any item is damaged, URUVAN staff will list damaged good during unpacking, providing evidence on your behalf with the insurance company. URUVAN will assist you with the claim.

Can I leave my effects in storage?

Sure you can. It is advisable to let us know of your need for storage before the goods are delivered. Visit our "Furniture Storage Services" on this website.