Corporate Removal

Corporate Removal

The main inconvinience in moving a company is interfeering with staff activities.

Our goal is to achieve the moving without altering the workday.

Heavy items, delicate technological equipment, machinery, goods that could be a biohazard or have to comply with a cold-chain, will be handled with particular care so they don't cause any major concern for the company.

Discover how this program works step by step:


To prepare for your move, either office or equipment, you will need to contact URUVAN to arrange for a survey, free of charge. Our commercial advisor will listen carefully to your needs and check the items you are planning to move.

Relevant information to take into account:

  • Conditions of buildings access both at departure and arrival of goods
  • Rules of your Building Management with regards to removals, eg: hours allowed, use of elevators, etc.
  • Additional requirements for transport at your other addresses
  • Person in charge of coordinating the move
  • Need of storage at our warehouse


Immediately after survey is performed, you will receive a detailed quote taking your company´s special need into consideration. It includes services and total costs.

Coordination and Packing

Once the quote is accepted, we will coordinate date for moving your goods. You will receive plastic boxes to arrange items and general files. These will be provided by URUVAN a few days prior to your removal and collected after is finished. Our removal staff will pack all the items previously mentioned prior to the date of your moving.

For transportation of your goods URUVAN has:

  • Racks specially designed for computer transportation
  • Vehicles specially used for heavy items
  • Own trucks

Customer Service

URUVAN will be in contact with you all through the moving process and our Removal Department will assist you assuring service quality and answering any questions you may have.