To move to a new country is more than just moving your belongings.

In Uruvan we assess families comprehensively in this process in order to ease adaptation.

From house-hunting, assistance during installation, becoming familiar with the city and neighborhood, selecting schools for the kids, to recommendation of recreational activities for the whole family, you can always trust our professional staff.

Discover how this program works step by step:

Housing Search Program

  1. Assistance prior to arrival Forwarding information concerning the city, map of major sites.
  2. Welcome and transfer to Hotel, Airport Reception, City Tour, transfer to hotel that includes assistance in the check-in.
  3. Search house selection of properties with professional assistance in the field, taking into account their needs.
  4. Negotiation of Lease or inspection and review of inventory by a notary public assistance in those efforts.
  5. Assistance in the purchase of necessary furniture for the home.

Assistance during installation

  1. Added to basic services, Electricity, water, telephone, home alarm monitoring, cable TV or antenna, cleaning the house before admission.
  2. Advice and assistance in purchasing furniture and appliances.

Selected Schools

  1. Search assistance of Colleges and respective enrollment; Selected Colleges with different educational proposals for the selection, enrollment management for the same.
  2. Visits coordination.

Adaptation to Uruguay

  1. Getting to the City and neighborhood shopping centers and tour travel by the selected neighborhood.
  2. Leisure; selection of sports clubs, information on them.
  3. Activities for the wife; Information about courses and recreational activities.

Specific Document Management

  1. Processing of Residence; assistance in such prosecution.
  2. Assistance with driving license, management at the IMM to renew the permit process.
  3. Vehicle Security / Other, By-known companies in the insurance market and provides assistance to your vehicle.
  4. Vehicle Purchase / Lease; Assistance in buying and / or rental of vehicles according to their needs.
  5. Vehicles / Register; Processing thereof.
  6. Bank account management in banking, in the major city banks.

Departure from your Country

  1. Inspection and Inventory of housing, control of personal effects.
  2. Closing of contract and recovery of collateral; Advice by Notary Public.
  3. Lower of basic services; Processing services low as: light, water, telephone, cable TV, etc.

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